Access to internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity- COO of Zoodlabs says

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SIERRA LEONE, Freetown – On Thursday, 13th October 2022, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Freetown, the Chief Operating Officer of Zoodlabs, Issam Yatim, has said that as a company, they believe that access to the internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity, noting that it is one every Sierra Leonean should enjoy. He made this statement during the launching of fiber network by Metro Cable.

The event which was themed “Fiber don kam, it’s time to feel it”  was graced by dignitaries of top institutions including the CEO of Zoodlabs, CEO of Metro Cable, Honorable Chernoh Bah, Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education, amongst others.

Yatim revealed that Zoodlabs is all about infrastructural development and has enough opportunity for the internet space and the platform it gives. He affirmed that they sponsored Metro Cable for a month of unlimited internet access especially for new users, adding that they will be coming up with new ways to make the internet space more favourable in Sierra Leone.

During his statement, the Chairman and CEO of Zoodlabs – Davar Fazaeli stated that the aim is not only to make money, but also to change lives in the process as that has been their core principle. He noted that for Sierra Leone to succeed as a nation and actualize the dream of the educated populace, it is up to them as the private sector, and not just Metro Cable, imploring other important partners and institutions to come on board and bring to reality the dreams of Sierra Leoneans.

Fazaeli continued that the strength of many is very important in going forward, and coming together can help change not only a nation but the entire world. He emphasized that the strengths of other partners and staff have been very pivotal in the building of the project, adding that they owe gratitude to everyone who has sacrificed to make a difference in transforming lives and making internet service better in Sierra Leone.

“We are blessed with the formidable team that has put the project together and enhanced broadband internet to Sierra Leone, as the future belongs to all of us together. Development is all about collaboration and the relationship between Metro Cable and Zoodlabs will transcend into a positive and beautiful future,” he furthered.

The head of commercials for Metro Cable Network, Joe Sesay, acknowledged the tremendous effort and support rendered to them. According to him, Metro Cable Network has made it possible for over 200, 000 homes and businesses in Freetown to have affordable internet service in Sierra Leone. “Metro Cable Network has branded Freetown a smart city. Its fast affordable internet technology has made a giant leap which is a big achievement not just for us as an institution but Sierra Leone as a nation,” he furthered.

Sesay mentioned that Metro Cable has opened opportunities in different sectors like education, health, agriculture, and science, amongst others, to give opportunities to hundreds of Sierra Leoneans for better enlightenment. He disclosed that they will embark on a nationwide campaign with free installation and one-month free access until the 31st of December 2022, adding that they will cover all areas from CBD to Mile-13 in the peninsula. He thanked all and sundry for being part of the great venture to make the Metro business achieve the successes it deserves.

“The internet is far more important now and it is a necessity for national development. Thus, we should endeavour to bring the internet to the doorsteps of every Sierra Leonean even in remote areas,” he said. PSN/17/10/2022