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Accelerating Sierra Leone’s Digital Future

Metro fɔ mi εn yu

Metro Cable is Sierra Leone’s leading open access provider of high-speed gigabit Internet, delivering the first real fiber optic broadband experience in the country. Working with local internet service providers, Metro Cable ensures you’re spoilt for choice while delivering lightning-speed connectivity to your home and business.

More than just a service provider, Metro Cable is dedicated to bridging the digital divide between Sierra Leone and the rest of the world. Committed to setting the stage for sustainable technological evolution in Sierra Leone, Metro Cable boasts an impressive +800km fiber optic network being deployed across Freetown, set to become the first fully environmentally friendly network in the sub-region.

Working through our client ISPs, Metro Cable is already providing free state of the art internet connectivity to all major universities and tertiary learning centers in Sierra Leone, in view of developing smart classrooms working together with the Ministry of Higher and Technical Education and supporting other sectors in various ways.
The Metro Mission

Na yu mek wi de ya

Our Connectivity for Good Initiative

In partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone

Smart Classrooms

Ultra modern educational spaces to enhance the learning experience through interactive lectures and technology for in person and distance learning.

Metro Network Roll Out Goals


Basic and Secondary Schools


Major Police Headquarters


Major Health Centers

Access to the internet is a fundamental human right, and we are working tirelessly to make it a reality for every Sierra Leonean. In a world that is increasingly dependent on the internet, this task has become more important than ever. Our broadband fiber optic infrastructure means access to information, education, resources, and job skills. It means connection to our loved ones, and entry into the global village that the world has become.

Proud to be a part of the young and vibrant Sierra Leonean community working to better our nation. Holding strongly to the belief that every Sierra Leonean deserves access to the same opportunities, we are committed to transforming lives – one fiber optic cable at a time.

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