Accelerating Sierra Leone's Digital Future

Metro fɔ mi εn yu

Metro Cable is Sierra Leone’s leading provider of high-speed gigabit internet access, delivering the first real fiber optic broadband internet experience in the country. Working with local internet service providers, Metro Cable ensures you’re spoilt for choice while delivering lightning-speed connectivity to your home and business.
More than just a service provider, Metro Cable is dedicated to bridging the digital divide between Sierra Leone and the rest of the world. Committed to setting the stage for sustainable technological evolution in Sierra Leone, Metro Cable boasts an impressive +800km fiber optic network being deployed across Freetown, set to become the first fully environmentally friendly network in the sub-region.
How to Connect?


Fast, reliable, and affordable internet is designed for households and individuals. Perfect for working from home, streaming, online gaming, music, academics, and keeping up with the latest TikTok trends.

How to Connect?


Ideal for small and medium sized businesses that require dependable internet for maximum productivity. With 24/7 customer support – sharing large files, access to cloud-based services and connecting with your clients have never been easier.

How to Connect?


These packages are designed for larger corporations with high band-width requirements. Providing dedicated and secure connections with the speed and capacity to support critical applications, video conferencing and data intensive activities.

High Speed Gigabit Internet

+800km of Fiber Optic Cables laid across Freetown

Fully Environmentally Friendly

Supporting the Nation through our Connectivity for Good initiative


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