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The Smart Network Carrier

Metro Ethernet Transit

Our specially designed Metro Ethernet Transit service facilitates high speed connections between multiple sites in a secure and efficient manner. Useful for operators who want to connect their cell sites to fiber for backhauling and/or network redundancy, this service is ideal for connecting data centers, cloud providers, or content distribution networks, and for service providers that require our fiber optic network to offer dedicated a dedicated ethernet connection between locations.

Metro Point of Presence

Metro has designed the most extensive multi-tenancy, smart carrier infrastructure to support operators with large data transmission and network redundancy requirements.

Provide businesses a dedicated symmetrical bandwidth and enable quick and efficient transfer of data, with none of the pitfalls of shared connections such as broadband or Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL).

Enjoy the flexibility to scale bandwidth up or down as needs change, while assured of the higher security the Metro Ethernet Transit provides compared to shared connections.

Our flexible billing system allows operators to activate traffic on demand at any of our POPs. Enabling connection to your base stations, and network access for clients using our fully redundant Ethernet transmission and automatic failover feature. Offering our clients a reliable service with minimal downtime, favorable business terms and conditions while benefiting from the lower latency, higher bandwidth, greater scalability, and improved security that this service provides.

1G and 10G Interfacesn

Symmetric Capacity Upload & Download

50mbps to 80 Gigabits

Flexible billing. Online ordering/bandwidth on demand


99.9% Service

Guaranteed 24/7 NOC Support and 6 hour MTTR

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