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The Smart Network Carrier

Metro Ethernet Transit

This service is recommended for Operators that only want to connect their cell sites to Fiber for backhauling and/or network redundancy.

Metro has designed the most extensive multi-tenancy, smart carrier infrastructure to support operators with large data transmission and network redundancy requirements.

Provide businesses a dedicated symmetrical bandwidth and enable quick and efficient transfer of data, with none of the pitfalls of shared connections such as broadband or Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL).

Enjoy the flexibility to scale bandwidth up or down as needs change, while assured of the higher security the Metro Ethernet Transit provides compared to shared connections.

Our flexible billing allows operators to activate traffic on demand at any of our POPs to connect their base stations and clients access network with a fully redundant Ethernet transmission plus automatic

Up to 1Gb per OBT port

Symmetric Capacity, Multiprofile delivery per circuit; IPT, IPTV, IoT, VoIP

Starting 100mpbs

split across various ONTs - Virtualised CRM & billing solutions/App.


99.9% Service

Guaranteed 24/7 NOC Support and 6 hour MTTR

Start-Up Pack. One Price!

Our early bird and start-up pack includes:

Bundle IPT and Ethernet Capacity.

50 Optical Network Units (ONUs) – Nokia … ONT, 50 faceplates, Plus drop Cables & customer installation accessories.

Full Circle FTTx Installation and Maintenance training for up to 2 engineers/ technicians per client.

Virtual CRM and billing platform up to ….users plus full circle training to take control of your billing, campaigns, customer support and provisioning.

Business model development support, including pricing, brand and route-to-market strategy.

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