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Metro FTTX Network

MetroCable has embarked on building a state-of-the-art FTTX network spanning some 750 kilometers of 144 core fiber optic cable (custom made) powered by transmission equipment supplied by Nokia. From the business district to Waterloo, no structure, home, school, hospital will be more than 200 meters away from a fiber optic cable. Freetown will be Smart City Ready by 2nd quarter of 2022.

Our Infrastructure has enabled over ten Internet Service Providers to deliver real-high fiber broadband Internet to their clients (Homes and Businesses), providing real-broadband access to over 150,000 units (Businesses and Homes) in Freetown Urban and Rural communities.

Phase two will include the other 3 major trading centers in the country, Bo, Kenema and Makeni. End of 2022 will present a new era for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leonians. Reach, access, affordability to broadband. Most modern infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa.

MetroCable has also signed a comprehensive “pole sharing” agreement with the Utility Company (EDSA) to string cable across the country. The only agreement of it’s kind in the country. MC will be installing some 5,900 poles for expansion in major communities in Freetown and along the peninsular where EDSA has no distribution infrastructure and will be using these poles as part of our agreement to expand energy and connectivity to these communities.

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