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The Smart Network Carrier

Metro Ethernet Transit

This service is recommended for Operators that only want to connect their cell sites to Fiber for backhauling and/or network redundancy.

Sample Use Cases:

Metro POP

Metro Ethernet Transit

Metro has designed the most extensive multi-tenancy, smart carrier infrastructure to support operators with large data transmission and network redundancy.

We are fading away challenges faced by content providers, mobile operators, and Internet Service providers; to transport a large amount of data through wireless microwave transmission. We have designed the most extensive open-access metro fiber network, offering our clients the Launchpad to quickly optimize and expand their footprint through our Ethernet Transit.

Our flexible billing allows operators to activate traffic on demand at any of our POPs to connect their base stations and clients access network with a fully redundant Ethernet transmission plus automatic failover offering our clients a committed service guarantee and best-in-class SLA.

Our smart carrier-grade Ethernet Services oer Mobile Operators, Content Providers and ISP range of Network-to-Network connectivity requirement with +1 service support, billing flexibility and scalability.

1G and 10G Interfacesn

Symmetric Capacity Upload & Download

50mbps to 80 Gigabits

Flexible billing. Online ordering/bandwidth on demand


99.9% Service

Guaranteed 24/7 NOC Support and 6 hour MTTR