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Smarter Home, TODAY!

Connect your home to the first, real high speed fiber broadband Internet delivered directly to your home.
  • Stream Uninterrupted
  • Online Gaming
  • Real Fiber to you home
  • Surf the Internet with real fiber broadband experience
  • Enjoy quality voice and video calls
  • Convert your home to a smart home with IoT and so much more

How does it Work?

  • Select your preferred Internet service Provider below, browse Metro Shop for more hot deals and offers from various providers.
  • Your preferred service provider will run direct fiber cable to your home from the nearest Fiber Optical Terminal Box in your community.
  • Your home can be connected to a Real Direct Fiber Network in less than 24/hours post sign-up.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an uninterrupted fiber broadband network, simple like hocus pocus 1,2,3.

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