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Our core values

Access to connectivity has become a commonplace for most part of the world, but this is not the case for some communities in Africa. The fast pace of modernization and technology continue to widen the gaps.

We believe one of the quickest ways to leapfrog economies in Africa is to narrow down on the digital divide; through rapid expansion of broadband Internet to become a commonplace for everyone.

our Aspirations

Connectivity is fundamental rights and not a privilege- this is why Metro Cable is driving investment towards creating products that are setting the stage in building smarter communities and enriching lives.


...first Full Green Network in the sub-region

In our journey of creating the digital run-way for communities in Africa, we are also very much mindful of our commitment to the Climate, in building smarter and safer communities. Our decision to deploy the a full green multi-tenancy fiber-broadband infrastructure in Sierra Leone will save the environment an approximate of 350 tons co2 emission per year.

Together with our partners; Cross-Boundary, USAID, Shell Foundation, Powerhive and Netis, we have allocated over $2,000,000 (Largest privately funded sustainability project in Sierra Leone) capital investment to produce captive renewable energy of up to 1.2 megawatts, making our submarine fiber optic and metro infrastructure the first fully green network in the sub-region. We’ve also employed an environmental friendly production of all our ariel poles through a solid partnership with Miro forestry.


…connectivity for Good

Metro Cable is driving its CSR contribution towards enhancing the digital environment of critical and essential services in Sierra Leone;

We have are providing Free quality Internet access to all major universities and tertiary learning centers in Sierra Leone.

Our upcoming foundation programs strategies are designed to deliver on the outlined initiatives in 2022;

Smart Class Room – together with the Ministry of Higher and Technical Education; Metro Cable will sponsor the pilot of two smart classrooms concept that will support interactive online lectures,

Connectivity for Good - we will continue our connectivity for good initiative, in 2022 the Group in planning to provide Free high-speed Fiber broadband Internet to 50 basic and secondary schools, 10 Major Police headquarters, 5 major health centers all in Freetown as phase one.

We will sponsor through our clients (ISPs) to design special fiber broadband packages pricing for the security communities – Military and Police settlement.


…join our team in building better tomorrow, today!

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