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We are building tomorrow's
network today!

Broadband Internet access has become commonplace; re-defining the way businesses operate and how communities interact. The demand for high quality connectivity experience is constantly increasing beyond the capability of fixed wireless technologies.

The Good News The First, Real, Full Fiber Broadband Internet Experience is finally here!

Metro Cable is currently deploying over 800km of open access Fiber network in Freetown that allows service providers to deliver ultral high speed connectivity directly to your home or business.

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The Smart Metro Carrier
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We are building tomorrow's
network today!

Freetown is smart city ready!

Metro phase one deployment is designed to cover +750km of fiber targeting major communities in Freetown.

We are deploying over +750km of metro fiber network to create a ring covering the entire Freetown including the Peninsular, with vectorized coverage of major communities in the City.

The deployment of Metro Fiber multi-tenancy broadband network will set the stage for smart city; creating provision for utilities and critical service delivery infrastructure to be automated and IoT ready.

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